Emmanuel Macron extends Olive Branch to gamers

Emmanuel Macron extends Olive Branch to gamers

French President Emmanuel Macron attempts to make amends with video gamers after saying that video games influenced the riots in France this year. 

Macron then wrote a lengthy message over the weekend with an apology, acknowledging that he upset gamers. He explained his thoughts and expressed admiration for video games and the industry.

“Video games are an integral part of France,” said Macron.

“I expressed my concerns at the end of June because delinquents had used video game habits to trivialize the violence on social networks,” he said. “It is this violence that I condemn, not video games.”

The riots started when Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old of North African descent, was shot by police in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, on June 27. The police claimed he was recklessly driving when they stopped him on his motorcycle. A single shot hit his left arm and chest, causing his death.

After this, in Nanterre, violent protests rapidly spread across France, creating chaos in cities, towns, and villages. People also gave their hot takes about these disturbances on social media.

France’s leading role in video gaming

French culture has been a long-standing inspiration for the iGaming sector. France holds the top position in the video gaming industry within the Western world, ranking third after Germany and the UK in popularity among European countries for gaming development studios. Moreover, the expertise in gaming transcends traditional console-based gaming, encompassing innovative iGaming studios and operators in mainland Europe.

As France is doing well in creating video games, they have big companies like Ubisoft (“Assassin’s Creed” and “Watch Dogs”) and smaller ones like Quantic Dream (“Heavy Rain” and “Beyond Two Souls”) and Arkane Studios (“Dishonored” series) based in France.

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Efficient gaming with bitcoin

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