Guillaum Gibault, finissant de l’École d’Ébénisterie d’Art de Montréal

Guillaum Gibault, finissant de l’École d’Ébénisterie d’Art de Montréal

Credit: EEMA [/ caption]

Who are you and what is your background

Guillaum Gibault, finishing at EAMS. Since high school, cabinetmaking is an area that attracts me a lot. However, I have never been interested in vocational training that is too business-oriented. It was only after a few years in Montreal that I discovered the existence of the EAMS. At the dawn of my thirties, I can finally get into my passion.

A word to define the type of worker you are …


What tools are essential to your life? 

My Google Account and the entire ecosystem connected to it, my camera and my pocket knife.

Credit: Annie Rossano [/ caption]

What does your workspace look like? 

At first, I always try to be well organized, but it often ends badly. I’m working on it!

What do you listen to as music while working?

My tastes are quite variable. These days, mostly indie music with a folk tendency. I’m really hooked on Matthew And The Atlas.

What inspires you?

The forest, mountains, nature.

Where did you get this desire to work with wood? 

The fact that my father is an excellent wood carver undoubtedly influenced me. Wood is a noble and renewable material, the historical and ecological aspect of it is also very important for me.

Credit: Annie Rossano [/ caption]

What did the Montreal School of Woodworking bring to you? 

A whole range of new knowledge. 

What are your upcoming projects?

Without waiting, as of next June, I return to live in Lanaudière. I intend to work a few years for a cabinetmaker and eventually buy a house in a mountain village and go my own cabinetmaking. 


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